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Help & Guidance

Q.           Do you provide delivery for any purchases?

Most of the products sold via our shop are services such as trips. Other items should be picked up by the student concerned. Most items, such as course materials are kept in the Resources Department in Northbrook building, while train passes and second-hand books are looked after by Student Services in the Paul Woodhouse building. Your payment confirmation email that you will receive immediately after payment contains the exact location details.

Q.           Where do I go if I need a refund for any of my payments?

All refunds and other financial queries are handled by our Finance Department in Northbrook building. The student concerned can go there in person or you can contact them during normal office hours on 01962 857575 or via email at .

Q.           My computer crashed during the transaction and I want to check that it went through OK.

If you received a payment email confirming payment then it was processed correctly. If you didn’t receive the email you need to contact our Finance Department during normal office hours on 01962 857575 or via email at .

Q.           I have signed up for a trip so why can't I see it in the shop yet?

The trip may not have been fully authorised yet. The organisers have to make sure that there are enough people who have expressed an interest and if it has been over-subscribed they will need to decide on the final list. As soon as it has been authorised, and you are on the list, you will be able to see it. If you have a serious concern please talk to a member of staff in the Resources dept.

Q.           How can I be sure that the College is not storing my credit card details?

The College does not take any credit card details during the transaction. We pass the card processing to a third party company called WPM Education who look after online payments for most of the UK universities. They are fully compliant with the highest level of PCI-DSS standards.